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  • Low fees
  • Fast
  • Secure


ReLe Transfer is licensed and regulated by Korean Government
as a secure Overseas Remittance Service provider

Telegram fee ∙ Intermediate fee ∙ Receipt fee  = 0
  • Simple remittance

    Register membership and transfer your money at anytime and anywhere without any visitEasily transfer money on application

  • Consulting in foreign language

    Contact our Vietnamese, Cambodian employee by phone or online channel for any inquiriesConsulting is available from 10h~17h on weekdays

  • Fintech Remittance No.1

    Good service verified by Korean GovernmentThe best remittance service especially for South East Asia as Vietnam, Cambodia

A cheaper way to
transfer money overseas

Very low cost, Vietnam transfer fee starts from 2,500 Won
Sending 100,000 Won(to mobile money account)
Fee 2,500Won
Sending 3,000,000 Won(to ATM card)
Fee 8,000Won
*View the fee details applied for different remittance amount and each channel on ReLe App

A faster way to
transfer money overseas

Transfer is delivered within 5 minutes after sign up and applying
On my smart phone
Anytime, Anywhere
Real Time Transfer
*View remittance arrival time on ReLe App.

A more secure way to
transfer money overseas

A secure service linked with Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute's system
  • Overseas Remittance License
  • Registered Guarantee Insurance
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Real Time Transfer Status Check

An easier way to
transfer money overseas

No more bank visits, Sign up / Transfer / Inquiry on smart phone
Different payment methods
  • Bank account
  • Cash
  • Mobile Money
  • ATM Card Number

Available Countries

  • Vietnam VND
  • Cambodia USD
We are doing remittance to Vietnam and Cambodia only in order to ensure the best quality of ReLe service.
  • Bangladesh BDT
  • China CNY
  • Indonesia IDR
  • India INR
  • Srilanka LRR
  • Malaysia MYR
  • Nepal NPR
  • Pakistan PKR
  • Philippines PHP
  • Thailand THB

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